The first episode I watched of Faking It, I rolled my eyes. Hard. The show seemed like another cheap attempt at queerbaiting, and after Brittana I can’t handle that kind of “jk” heartbreak.

But I didn’t want to be a judgey gay so I kept watching. I quickly realized the show is like a fluff-fic. Just enough drama to propel the viewers thru the season, but not so much that I feel drained.

I’m definitely Team Amy (by that I mean in love with) and enjoy the way her “coming out to self and others” story is being told. So far. Except for the finale SPOILER!!!!!! when it seems like Amy and Liam are gonna hook up because of their mutual grief over Karma? I fell out! Having flashbacks to My So Called Life (whatchu know about that?).

What I want: the fanfic fantasy to continue. I want Amy to fully accept that she’s lesbian, and Karma to realize she’s bisexual. But none of that really matters because they’re soulmates, and we get to watch them grow up and become The Fosters.

Reality: the show is on MTV. Amy can tragically date as many girls as she wants, but never truly be happy. Karma is forever boy/Liam crazy, but always feels weird and jealous about Amy dating. “I’m so happy you found someone… like you.” And maybe their friendship stays strong, but never the same.

*shrug* We’ll see.